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Julien Lange

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Julien Lange

- Love From Above – Supported by O’Neill – Produced by Gpsy Feelin
This is my 2016 project. It’s mainly Freeride Skiing, my back didn’t allow me to jump because of a bad injury, so we decided to change the initial project. We focused more on the esthetic side and tried to use the drone as much as possible. This is explaining the name « Love From Above ».
Hope you will like the result!
Thanks again to my cameraman Créaktivist and his best fellow Skyheads!
Thanks again my trustful partner O’Neill.
Location : Tignes

J-3 pour le domaine skiable et J-8 pour l’Ecole de plongée sous glace !!!!!!
Qui seront les premiers ?

Proposé par Ecole de Plongée sous Glace de Tignes

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