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Online Talks on VIMEO ON DEMAND |…

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Online Talks on VIMEO ON DEMAND |…

HAT (Henry’s Avalanche Talk) is a team of off-piste ski professionals, ski instructors and off-piste guides who help you make better informed decisions, develop avalanche awareness and provide you with insight on skiing off piste.

With all this snow, we need to make sure our avalanche safety is up to date.
Henry’s Avalanche Talk asks the question « How the Human Factor affects risks we take off-piste » at his google+ ‘hangout’ this Sunday 18th October at 6pm.
This is the first of Henry’s regular Sunday Hangouts and we very much recommend getting involved.

Henry’s first ‘hangout’ will discuss the latest lessons from recent research on why it is that people who should know better, still get caught out in avalanches. This is content that is new to his ‘Essentials’ talk and will be featured in the upcoming ORTOVOX Avalanche Awareness Tour in the UK.

Details of this coming soon!!

Check out the Henry’s Avalanche Talks website for more info:

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