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Minty Fresh Racing

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Minty Fresh Racing

Here is the final video from Pembrey 2 weeks ago. It is the A final in which we finished 6th place overall and 5th in class. I had yet another great tussle with Mark Finch, and this time Eddie Gibbs got involved. You’ll see the fuel starvation really starts to effect the car coming around the right hand corners from the middle of the race onward. And after passing Mark & Eddie in the same corner I lost a place back to Eddie due to having no power coming out of corner 1. We have revised the fuel tank design for the next round, and have also invested in an up rated clutch material to try and sort out the very slow starts. Who knows, we may even invest in some brand new rubber as a real treat. Second hand tyres can only take you so far. Enjoy the race!

Tignes Spirit workshop manager and team sponsored rally driver Adam Mills just posted this GoPro video from his recent race in Pembrey.. check it out!! Minty Fresh Racing

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