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GB Park and Pipe

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GB Park and Pipe

Here’s Mission 11 of #ProjectPY2018 in which GB Park and Pipe skier Pete Speight gets back in the pipe after a run of bad injuries. Filmed in CardronaParksNZ 100% Pure New Zealand, September 2015, we see the 22-year-old from Sheffield overcoming the physical and psychological damage from a broken shoulder and a blown knee. This is the behind-the-scenes edit which shows our tough athletes dealing with the lesser-seen side of park and pipe riding. Watch the film (press HD in the corner for the full res) and go give his athlete page a follow: Peter Speight. Thanks as ever to UK Sport, The National Lottery, Lottery Good Causes

Updates from the GB Park and Pipe crew down in NZ. Not long til the GB team will be training on the glaciers of Europe….
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Our selection of park skis are having an upgrade with all the new 2015/16 freestyle range from Line, Majesty and Movement, among others.
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