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Cool Bus

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Cool Bus

Here’s a picture of Melinda Messenger waving a copy of the Cool Bus mag around to remind you about our competition.

1st Prize – A Sweet Protection Igniter MIPS helmet – one of the most advanced ski/snowboard helmets on the market. The MIPS system protects your brain from angled impacts by absorbing rotational forces. An award winning lightweight helmet available in a range of colours and sizes.

2nd Prize – A set of customised Poleplant bamboo ski poles. Stronger than conventional aluminium poles and individually crafted in Tignes. Bamboo is the fastest growing renewable resource on the planet! You can customise the poles by choosing the colours for the handles and baskets and having your name or anything else engraved into the shaft.

3rd Prize(s) – A bunch of Cool Bus merchandise including sustainable tee-shirts, tech tee-shirts, hoodies and baseball caps.

« How can I win this wonderful stuff? » I hear you ask…

Simple! Get your hands on a copy of this years Cool Bus mag and get a picture of yourself with it somewhere unusual.
A photo of you sat reading it outside Bar Mont Blanc in Les Arcs is not unusual. A photo of you reading it in front of the pyramids at Giza wearing a sumo suit is.

A photo of you with a copy under your arm stood next a Cool Bus driver in Geneva airport is not unusual. A photo of you holding a copy with your arm around Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival is.
Get the idea?

« Yeah easy! But how do I get a copy? »

The easiest way is to book yourself a transfer with Cool Bus and grab a copy from your vehicle en-route, but there are other ways! You can pick up a copy from a variety of places in the Tarentaise.

Here’s a few examples for you:
- in Tignes head to the excellent Tignes Spirit Community shop in Lavachet
- in Les Arcs grab a copy and a pint from Bar King Mad in 1800
- in Val you could try the Planks Clothing shop
- in Bourg head to Tip Top Snowboard

« But I’m in the UK, I can’t get to any of these places! » Well just message us your address and we’ll post you a copy for nowt!
Once you’ve got your photo just upload it to Facebook or instagram (or both!) and include the hashtag #coolbusmag All photo’s must clearly show your face and this years magazine. Our crack detectives will be keeping a sharp eye out for photoshopped pictures so please don’t bother.

Bon chance…

Pick up a copy of Cool Bus magazine at the Tignes Spirit shop in Tignes le lavachet and enter their competition to win loads of amazing prizes…
Melinda Messenger has already entered!!

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